Kitchen Canopies

British country kitchens are seeing a transformation with these gorgeous new luxury stone canopies recently introduced by Head Designer and Director Andre Schuberth.

Our canopies are a unique addition to any kitchen. They are lovingly handcrafted from a beautiful warm coloured French limestone adding a sense of elegance and character to make your kitchen a very special place. Our designers and craftsmen have developed creative technological solutions to enable us to make the canopy as light as possible without sacrificing the solid stone appearance.

Sizing and pricing information

Kitchen Canopies Projects

Sizing and pricing

We have created a unique design that allows us to mount otherwise heavy stone structures onto most kitchen walls. Both, the English and French country style canopies are hand-crafted in an elegant French limestone and come in two different sizes, specifically matched to 2/3 and 4/5 oven AGAs.

Name Size Price
English Style Canopy Small from £3,770 + VAT
English Style Canopy Large from £4,250 + VAT
French Style Canopy Small from £3,990 + VAT
French Style Canopy Large from £4,550 + VAT